Breakfast Sandwich Kinsey Millhone Style

Kinsey Millhone is my heroine of the day. I can tell you every detail of that woman’s life, including her diet, which usually makes my mouth water
(Except when it comes to raw onion…).

Today’s breakfast consists of Udi’s millet chia bread toasted (gluten free). this bread has a sweet taste to it and is the best I’ve had gluten free store bought (look for it in your freezer case). I added a “Kinsey” layer of mayo, Mrs. Fannings sweet pickles and a hard boiled egg. The only thing Kinsey would do different is add a layer of salt, but I figure I get ENOUGH salt, and besides, this is pretty tasty as it is!


Some live to eat, others eat to live. I am of the first model. Now I have to go walk it off. Kinsey would run, but I’m not in my 30s anymore either…


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