Aging and Star Gazing

I’m sitting here at my computer with my lovely lovely cup of pour over coffee, ahhh!  Effects of tinnitus plague me, I’m hoping to be able to hear my lovely song bird(s) this morning, perhaps I’ll need to crack a window open. With the late summer ebbing into cooler nights (another ahhh), I’ve closed the doors in the evening to the cooler summer nights.  Well, I suppose this should be mid-summer though, fall doesn’t officially start until sometime in September…

And I just realized that amid dropping my smartphone several times the last few days, it finally cracked the backside of it.  Wondering how long it will last now.  So I added a protective covering now.  Just to preserve it.  I need this little smart phone.  I love the lens that accessorizes it.  The problem is, however, that it’s so slippery I keep dropping it and the lens is designed for the bare iphone, even Olloclip’s solution of a special case, isn’t solution enough (I broke that too).


Getting ready (hoping, crossing fingers) to get out and shoot the Perseids tonight.  There is a cloud threat, we will have to see how it goes.


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