On a roll….looking for light…

When the creative flow starts, it’s hard to suppress.  In my last blog post, I started on creativity and now it is bursting through, taking over.  Bear with me, and/or enjoy the journey…

After a few years of prouding spouting myself as a photojournalist (especially for weddings, and that was when everyone was clamoring for photojournalism, thanks to Denis Reggie and the John Kennedy wedding, among others).  After exploring this venue for awhile, however, I knew that my portrait skills were lacking so sought out (thanks to Photography by Jane Deutsch) Monte Zucker.  I became a Monte groupie.  Followed him for years, Florida, California, and back in NYC.  (The one thing that I noticed about Monte was that no matter how small I was, I was big to him, he knew my name even after the first class, and I take that as a compliment, he was world reknown and had the time for the small time photographer, too).  The second week long class I took with him in Riverside, California, I told him “you were the only person that could ever take a really good picture of me regardless of what I looked like.” He laughed but took up that challenge and we all got portraits one morning.  What fun!



I followed Monte and he would pound “lighting” into our brains.  And you don’t need to have all the studio lighting to find it (the above photograph was taken with only the window as the direct studio lighting).

Look for light.



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