How’s She Do That?

Often I am told, “oh!  You are just so photogenic!  I am not!”  

“Nonsense and poppycock!” I say.  Of course I take a great picture, that’s what I’m trained to do!  

I always have had an eye (as well as the love) of photography and even as a child I always wanted to be in a pose for the camera.  



You can see here that I was showing off for the camera (my sister always got mad at me for pouring the water out of our washtub wading pool).



As well, I would put my sister through all kinds of torture to get her to pose too…



In high school I took pictures photojournalistically.  I couldn’t afford a 35mm camera, so I borrowed the school’s.  What fun (sorry, no pics to post that I can locate, but they may show up at a later date).

As a photojournalist, I had an eye for people doing “what comes naturally.”



Most times it’s natural and I can catch the subject off guard.  So, most people think that they are only best captured while off guard.  Well, of course!  And that is part of my secret, making the person comfortable enough so they become natural and flowing.  More on this tomorrow.


(Me, obsessed with creation of the perfect portrait.  All the time…)




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