Spring in Your Step



Taking a walk on the sidewalks of Oxford, I continue to be enthralled with the joys of spring. What others consider weeds, I prefer to think “beauty,” as is displayed by nature taking a chance here between the sidewalk slabs.  These three photos hold my favorite wild flowers, ones permitted to grow wild on the lawns before they are sent flying into the universe by the lawnmower or in some cases, weed killer.  If you see my lawn, it holds a nice variety of wild flowers and I enjoy them so very very much!  To me, it is just as beautiful, and much more preferred, than the flowering trees that are so much more accepted by our society and “politically correct” (if you can have political correctness in the world of lawns).  

Anyway, I was seriously “wowed” by the pictures when I finally could see them on the computer screen, as opposed to my iphone.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I.

We will be back in Wales today or tomorrow.  My Welsh friend’s son is getting married today, so congratulations are in order.  To David and Judith, have a wonderful day, and to their son, Dan and his bride, the best to you as you step into this wonderful day for the rest of your lives.


2 thoughts on “Spring in Your Step

  1. How lovely to live in a place where primroses and violas have escaped from their garden cages and are headed back into the wild where they came from!

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